Talks and lectures by Matt Peperell

I occasionally give talks and lectures on various topics. Here is a list of upcoming and past events. I also accept invitations to speak about these and related topics - just drop me a line!


Nothing planned yet. Invitations welcome to


A taste of language 21st October 2010
A series of mini talks on language-related topcis: conlangs (spoken but made up languages, as opposed to natural - examples include Esperanto, Klingon and Lojban), Speech synthesis (computer generated speech), Language Forensics (how linguistic analysis is used in law - whether in contracts, or in a courtroom, interpretation of spoken evidence etc), and British Sign Language.
La Londona Hakejo 3rd January 2013
An introduction to London Hackspace and Makerspaces around the world. This talk was given in Esperanto, to an annual youth conference which took place in Germany.
La Londona Hakejo Feb 15th 2013
A repeat of the talk in Germany, but customised to a non-technical crowd. Took place at the London Esperanto Club
Language acquistion May 5th 2013Cancelled
A short talk on techniques used for language teaching and learning, as part of the 1-day event Electromagnetic wave
Bells and bellringing Jun 4th 2013
Part of the inter-faith activities in Edgware, this talk is an introduction to the English tradition of Change-ringing, covering the techniques and history, and will also provide a chance to have a go yourself.
Ludponto 13th September 2013
A history and introduction of the cardgame Bridge, popular in the UK and US.
The history of Esperanto 16th July 2014
Part of an event called The Universal Language of Hope, an evening at The Floating Cinema.